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At Carrectly, we offer comprehensive body work, glass and upholstery repairs, from minor dents and dings to repairs your vehicle after an accident.

We aim to expedite your return to the road while prioritizing the utmost safety for you and your family. In pursuit of this objective, our team of skilled auto body professionals work hard every day to restore your vehicle to its original state.

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Life Time Warranty on Paint

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Handling all your needs, all in one place, hassle free

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Handling all your needs, all in one place, hassle free

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Handling all your needs, all in one place, hassle free


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No need to call around, drive back and forth, or wait at the shop. Just submit a request for a FREE (no obligation) QUOTE. Here to make things easy for ya!

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We'll work on the estimate, help you navigate the repair, work with all insurance companies, or call to give you advice - regardless of where you end up taking the car.

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Ask us questions, shop around, and if you decide to proceed we'll pick up your car and get the repair done with the highest quality and fastest turnaround in Chicago.


Yes! We work with all insurance companies. We understand insurance companies can be stressful and a hassle; hence, we will ensure to be in constant communication with them to ensure a smooth repair and the best experience for our customers.

If paying out of pocket, then yes it is best to shop around and see which shop offers the best quality and price. If you are going through insurance, then the estimate that any shop puts together might not match what the insurance adjuster calculates. Hence, when going through insurance its best to go to a shop that you trust most as they will work together with your insurance to take care of all finances.

Our business revolves around the idea that we bring your car into repairs only in the moment we know we can start the services right away. We need to ensure that all parts have arrived, our technicians have approved the services and the pickup date accommodates to your schedule.

This is, of course, dependent on the complexity of the repairs, the situation, the availability of parts and materials, and insurance approval. It truly varies from one situation to the next. We will provide an estimated time of completion at the same time we provide the cost estimate. We ensure that your vehicle is started on right away, the moment we ensure all factors are confirmed.

Unfortunately, in this industry, quality and skills are aspects that cannot be controlled to utmost perfection. We believe in having only certified experts working on your vehicles with certified parts to ensure the utmost best results; hence, we offer life warranty on paint. This ensures against any defects that could occur in the paint such as discoloration, peeling, cracking, etc. Please [Contact Us] for more information.

Yes, of course! We use various paint manufacturers, and our experienced technicians are trained to match and blend colors. With the combination of your VIN and our professional computer matching system, we create a match to your original color to ensure the highest quality.

Yes, absolutely, we can arrange a tow service to pick up your car and take it to our shop for repairs. You would simply tell us where the car is located, and we'll handle the rest. If your towing is included in your insurance, we will still be able to arrange the towing and your insurance will reimburse you for the costs.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a technique that repairs minor dents and dings on a vehicle's surface without requiring repainting or traditional bodywork methods. It involves using specialized tools to carefully massage and manipulate the metal back into its original shape, restoring the vehicle's appearance while preserving its original paint finish. PDR is an efficient and cost-effective way to address small imperfections caused by factors like hail, minor collisions, or other everyday incidents. However, please note that it does not repair any damage done to the paint of the car.

Yes, definitely! We have multiple options available for you. Depending on the depth level of the scratch we offer buff/polish, wet sanding, touch-up paint, or a full body work repair. Simply fill out the free quote with attached pictures form at our Body Work page and we will be able to advise you with the best approach for your concern. We assess the scratch, provide advice, and get back to you with our recommendation.